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What types of animals do you rescue and rehome?

Our organization is dedicated to providing care and support for animals in need. While our focus is primarily on rescuing dogs, cats, and horses, we are always ready to lend a helping hand to any animal that requires our assistance. Every creature deserves compassion and protection, and we are committed to making a difference in the lives of all animals, big or small. Our team of passionate individuals works tirelessly to ensure that every animal in distress receives the care and attention they deserve. Together, we strive to create a world where all animals are safe, loved, and cherished.

Do you work with local shelters or other rescue organizations?

Yes, we collaborate closely with local animal pounds and organizations. Our rescue is dedicated to forming strong partnerships within the community to collectively enhance the welfare of animals in need. By working together, we can maximize our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for animals, ensuring a comprehensive and supportive network for their well-being.

Do you have any upcoming events or fundraisers?

To stay informed about our upcoming events and fundraisers, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page or check our calendar regularly. By following us on Facebook, you'll receive notifications about new events, updates, and important information. Additionally, our calendar will provide you with a visual overview of what's coming up, making it easy to plan ahead and participate in our activities. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at our future events!

Can I visit your facility to learn more about your work?

We appreciate your interest, but unfortunately, we currently do not have a facility to allow visits. However, we strive to provide comprehensive information on our website and through other communication channels to keep our community informed about our work. If you have specific questions or would like more details, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you virtually or through other means


How can I make a donation to support your rescue efforts?

We appreciate your interest in supporting our rescue efforts. Making a donation is easy and greatly contributes to the well-being of the animals in our care. You can securely make a monetary donation through our website by visiting the 'Donate' section

Are donations tax-deductible, and can I receive a receipt for my contribution?

Yes, donations to our rescue are tax-deductible. We are a registered non-profit organization, and your contributions over $5 are eligible for tax deductions. Upon making a donation, you will receive a receipt that includes all the necessary details for tax purposes.

Can I sponsor an animal if I'm unable to adopt?

Absolutely! If you are unable to adopt but still want to make a meaningful impact, sponsoring an animal is a wonderful way to contribute. Our sponsorship program allows you to support the well-being of a specific animal in our care. You can find more details about our sponsorship program here, including the benefits associated with becoming an animal sponsor. Your support plays a crucial role in providing for the needs of our animals and ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve. Thank you for considering sponsorship as a way to make a difference in the lives of our animals.

What types of items or supplies can I donate, and how can I drop them off?

We welcome donations of various items and supplies that contribute to the well-being of the animals in our care. You can find our current wishlist on our website, which includes specific items needed. Commonly accepted items include pet food, bedding, toys, grooming supplies, and more. To drop off donations, please se our current drop off locations here. If you have large or specialized donations, or if you have any questions about what items are most needed, feel free to contact us in advance. Your generosity is crucial in ensuring the comfort and happiness of the animals, and we appreciate your support!

Do you accept corporate sponsorships, and how can businesses get involved?

Yes, we actively welcome and appreciate opportunities for businesses to sponsor or support our rescue. Corporate partnerships play a crucial role in sustaining our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in need. If your business is interested in collaborating with us to make a positive impact on the lives of animals, please reach out to us!


What area do I need to live in to foster for you?

We work with foster families in Bay of Plenty, Tauranga, and nearby areas primarily because it's convenient for our team, vet clinics, trainers, and support network. If you're interested in fostering but live outside our region, consider reaching out to rescues near you. There are numerous fantastic rescues eagerly seeking exceptional foster homes!

We've got it all covered! Your fosters necessities, including food, vet care, and training, are on us. Some of our fosters choose to chip in for expenses like food, vet care, toys, and more, but the choice is yours!

What costs do Vads's Angels cover?

Do I need to have experience in training or medical stuff?

Not at all necessary, but if you do, that's wonderful! We offer extensive information and support to all our foster parents. Ensuring a successful match, we carefully pair our animals with foster homes to set everyone up for success.

Training will be part of the process, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. All our rescues are required to undergo crate training (unless there are exceptional circumstances). This practice provides them with a secure environment to settle and feel protected, aiding in their transition from foster care to their forever home. We highly appreciate when our foster parents work on teaching fundamental manners such as sit, down, stay, and leash training. These commands require time and consistency, but we are committed to offering you full support and guidance throughout. Our primary focus is to ensure the mental well-being of our rescues, free from anxiety or any behavioral issues. Therefore, we equip our foster homes with the necessary tools to ensure the best care for their foster pets. In more challenging cases, we have trainers available to provide extra assistance.

Will I need to train my foster dog?

Does Vada's Angels provide training and behavioural help?

Absolutely! We have an amazing team of trainers who are dedicated to assisting our rescues that require additional support during their journey. Additionally, we provide help through our Foster Group on Facebook and a team of highly experienced foster parents who are available to offer guidance on any training challenges you may encounter.

Kind of... When we have available space, we consider taking in rescues. If we come across an animal we wish to care for, we reach out to our foster parents who we believe would be a good match and inquire if they are interested in fostering. Additionally, we have a dedicated Facebook group solely for our foster parents, where we share information about rescues in need of temporary homes. If you feel drawn to a particular animal, you can express your interest there as well. Matching our rescues with suitable foster homes is a top priority for us. This approach aims to minimize stress for both your family and the fostered animal, ensuring a successful and fulfilling experience for everyone involved. Our goal is for every individual to thrive in this process.

Will I get to choose my foster dog?

The majority of our pound dogs are there because they were found wandering. To foster a dog from us, it is essential to have secure, dog-proof fencing in place. However, the definition of "secure" varies for each dog – puppies have different needs than large adult dogs, and small breed dogs differ from working breeds. This is where the importance of matching a foster to your home comes in. We have foster homes in both town and rural areas. When applying, provide details about your property fencing. If you live in a rural area, explain how you plan to maintain the security of your foster within the property. We can then discuss whether your fencing is suitable for fostering a particular animal.

What kind of fencing do I need?

For all foster families (excluding emergency foster homes), we request that they are willing to look after their foster pet until we find them a permanent home. The duration is uncertain and varies; some animals stay with us for a few weeks, while others may stay for months or even longer. Although we wish we could provide an exact timeline, numerous factors can affect this, such as the animal's appearance, the time of year, or unexpected events like a global pandemic. If the arrangement doesn't work out for any reason, we will make every effort to find them a new temporary home as soon as possible.

How long will I need to have my foster for?

Can I foster if i work full time?

Certainly! For the well-being of the animal, we recommend not leaving them alone at home for more than 6 hours daily. Spending time with your foster before heading to work, like taking the dog for a walk or having a play session, can help most animals cope while you're away. However, some animals may require daytime company. Rest assured, we will pair you with a foster that matches with your lifestyle.

Can I foster if I rent my home?

Yes, we can proceed. We simply require written permission from your landlord stating that you are permitted to foster or have a pet on the property.

What support does Vada's Angels provide?

Our team is dedicated to assisting you throughout your fostering journey. You will be paired with a Foster Coordinator who will guide you, address any inquiries, and provide overall support for you and your foster. We offer a foster Facebook Group where fosterers are encouraged to share their experiences with their foster pets.

Can I foster if I have other pets or kids?

Yes, indeed! Foster homes with children, dogs, cats, and other animals provide an excellent environment for our rescues to explore and learn. We carefully match our rescues with foster homes that suit them best, which may mean some are not suitable for households with kids, cats, or other dogs. Typically, we advise waiting until your children are over 5 years old before fostering an adult dog, but younger children can do well with puppies. Since most of our rescues are not yet spayed or neutered when they arrive in our care, we promptly arrange for this procedure. Foster homes with already spayed or neutered pets are preferred to prevent any unplanned litters.

Can I apply to adopt my foster?

Absolutely! We always ensure it's a perfect match, and we have incredible foster homes that end up adopting their fosters. This is commonly referred to as a "foster fail."

What if I want to go away on holiday?

We aim to ensure that all our foster parents can enjoy their time away by accommodating their needs as best as we can. Finding an alternative foster situation that suits the animal may take time, so providing us with ample notice is essential. We will make every effort to organize alternative care for your foster. The required notice period varies depending on the season. Additionally, some of our foster parents even prefer to bring their foster dogs along with them on their trips!

Where does the dog live while its with me?

We prefer our rescues to reside and sleep indoors with their foster families to help them adjust to being part of a family. Some may not have experienced indoor living before, which is where crate training becomes valuable. All our fosters are placed in homes where indoor living is normal.


Do you adopt to homes outside of the BOP?

Absolutely! We have an amazing team of trainers who are dedicated to assisting our rescues that require additional support during their journey. Additionally, we provide help through our Foster Group on Facebook and a team of highly experienced foster parents who are available to offer guidance on any training challenges you may encounter.

My property isn't fully fenced. Can I still adopt a dog?

If you reside on a farm or a similar property, it is important to demonstrate how you can contain and ensure the safety of the dog. If we are confident in your ability to do this, we will continue to assess your adoption application.

What if the trial doesn't work out? Can I adopt another dog?

While we aim to find the perfect match for you with the first dog, there are instances where it may not work out. In such cases, we may explore the option of introducing another dog to see how they integrate into your family.

The dogs profile says no cats/young kids or an only pet home, is this negotiable?

To help our animals thrive to the fullest, we kindly request that you honour our team and trainers' decision that these rescues would do best in a home without cats or young children, or as the only pet. We have dedicated extensive time to understand each rescue and want to provide them with the best chance to thrive.

What if I've already applied? Do I need to apply again?

If you applied within the last 6 months and there have been no changes to your information, there's no need to complete a new application. Simply send us an email specifying the animal you are interested in.

I have an existing pet with behavioural issues, can I still adopt?

If your pet shows signs of reactivity, fear, anxiety, or other troubling behaviours, we recommend seeking behavioural assistance before considering adopting another animal. It's crucial to prioritize your pet's well-being and also ensure a safe environment for any potential rescue animals. Acquiring a second pet does not resolve behavioural issues; only proper training can achieve this. We are committed to placing our rescues in secure environments. If necessary, we can provide recommendations for reputable trainers.

Can I adopt a animal as a gift?

No. Pets should not be treated as gifts. It is crucial to confirm that individuals adopting our rescues are capable of meeting the animals' physical, mental, and financial requirements.

Not sure which dog you want to adopt?

Monitor our Facebook page and website to apply for adoption when you find a dog that catches your interest. Prior to making a decision, be sure to read their profiles to comprehend the type of home they require, preventing any potential disappointment.

How long does your adoption process take?

The timeline for the adoption process varies depending on the animal's needs. If a foster home requires more time for the animal to adjust due to training, medical issues, or other reasons, the process may take longer. When a dog is ready for adoption, we schedule meet and greets with suitable homes from the applications received. These meetings usually occur on weekends and may involve the dog meeting multiple families. Coordination with our foster homes is essential to ensure their availability to bring the dog along. Following the selection of an appropriate home, we conduct a home check within the week after the meet and greet. After the meet and greet and the selection of a home, the dog typically goes on a trial period within 7-14 days, depending on the availability of potential adopters. In many cases, we can expedite this process if our team has the capacity. While we prioritize finding the right home for each dog, we strive to move the process along as swiftly as possible, taking into account everyone's schedules and availability.

How much is the adoption fee and when do I pay this?

Our typical adoption fee is usually $180 for kittens, $250 for puppies and $400 for dogs, however this can change depending on the animal. This includes microchipping and registration on NZCAR, complete vaccinations, desexing, and council registration expenses (for the current year up to 30 June). This fee also accounts for any other treatments or training the animals have received.

Can I ask to meet all the animals I select?

We cannot accommodate Meet and Greets on request since our rescues are in foster care with families who have other obligations. To ensure flexibility, we arrange meet and greets at specific times. Due to the high volume of applications for some animals (exceeding 30), we are unable to facilitate meetings with every applicant. Instead, we carefully select and shortlist homes that are most suitable for the animal to participate in our meet and greets.

What if I'm not shortlisted for the animal I like?

Don't worry! Each of our rescues has particular needs, so we aim to pair them with owners who can meet these requirements. If the first pet you choose isn't the right fit, don't hesitate to reach out if you find another one that interests you. We take great joy in finding our rescues loving homes!

I'm elderly, can I still adopt?

If you can offer a loving home to one of our rescues, we encourage you to submit an application. Before proceeding, take into account the age of the animal and the duration you can commit to caring for them. Certain breeds have long lifespans, some exceeding 20 years or more, so ensure you are prepared to care for them throughout their lifetime.

I live in an apartment, can I adopt?

Yes. You can still apply, but not all animals are suitable for apartment living. We will inform you if this applies to your situation when you submit your application.

Why don't you cat/other animal test all your dogs?

We do not have "test cats/other animals" readily available to assess our dogs, and many of our foster homes/potential adopters do not have other animals. Since our rescues are in foster homes and not a large facility, it is challenging to facilitate these interactions. However, we do observe dogs' responses to other animals when outside if direct access is not possible. The only exception with this is if we are certain the animal has a certain issue, which we will clarify.

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